Restaurant Cooking

%ce%bc%ce%b1%ce%b3%ce%b5%ce%b9%cf%81%ce%b5%cf%83Your cook, or your chef, is the most important person in your restaurant. Cooking is a style and it can come in all forms, like art. Follow these tips to make yourself the best you can be.

Lets start with something simple like beans. If you can’t find fresh beans you can go for dried or canned. Canned beans contain sodium. To get rid of the salty taste just rinse them in cold water. Dried beans are easy to cook. If you don’t know how, just follow the instructions on the back of the bag. You will want your beans to be plump. With mushrooms, never rinse them. They are like little sponges and will hold water. Wash them off with a clean, damp cloth. This will preserve the taste and improve your cooking time.

If you not very good at cooking, practice makes perfect. Try not to use a lot of seasonings. Over seasoned food is the worst. When using corn for a dish, use the side of the knife that’s not sharp. This will make it more juicy and give your dish extra flavor. When cooking a roast or pork or chicken, save your broth. You can freeze it in ice trays in the freezer. When you have a dish that calls for its use these cubes. It will give your food extra flavor and will be more natural.

Anyone can be a good cook, whether you find it relaxing or scientific. Even if you hate it, you can still find ways to make tasty dishes. Knowing your cooking temperatures is a must. 145 for chicken and fish and 165 for a hamburger. Your safe zones are from 40 to 165. This means keeping bacteria from your food. While all food contains some, its up to you to make sure it doesn’t multiply fast. Your fridge should stay at 40 degrees at all times, and your cooking temps should be at 145 to 165 depending on what you are cooking. Your vegetables should stay at 40 degrees while keeping them cold. This slows down the bacteria growth, and you are less likely to transmit a food poison. When two or people get sick from eating at your restaurant you have a food problem.

Supplying Your Restaurant

Owning a restaurant can be very rewarding. In order to have a nice business,  you will need a good restaurant supplier for equipment. Good equipment suppliers can help you choose the right supplies that you will need according to your menu. Accordingly you will also need great food suppliers in which your equipment suppliers will provide the best items for your kitchen.

homeslide3Anyone can put stoves and grills and other things in the cooking area, but a good supplier will have your kitchen designed so that your employees will have a transition to move around quickly and easily without running into each other. Get to know your suppliers so that you can know how to streamline your cooking space, and how to keep it maintained. Having a relationship with the people you buy from will help you with efficiency, and if something breaks down, one phone call is all it takes to get things up and running again.

Also your decor and atmosphere is a must in your restaurant. It should be dependent on the type of food you serve. You will want your restaurant to reflect the type of food you are serving. You should also know that presentation is everything when it comes to preparing food. Make sure that the plate you send out looks great. You will want people to admire your food. Good food that tastes good makes a great place to eat.

Word of mouth is the best advertising you can have. We all gonna have that one person who complains, but with the right attitude you can change that person’s mind. Offer them a free meal, or if they don’t want it always give them their money back. You can’t please everyone so don’t even try. Do your best to make them happy. This may not always work, but at least you tried.

Getting Started

c8e01edeae1976d78d68127a0e47eb74e75a9dae_largeWhen I first opened my restaurant I had no clue on how to get started. I knew nothing about inventory or purchasing food. I did somehow manage to get my cash in working order with the help of an instruction book.

When we got the restaurant up to code, I got a lot of help from the health inspector on how and what to watch for in my place of business. On the other hand, I had a great lady who had run a restaurant for 36 years teach me the rest. It wasn’t hard to do, just a lot to maintain and keep up. She taught me how to utilize my food and keep up with my inventory. It was very interesting to say the least.

The first day I opened I made $400.00 over head, after paying my employees. I thought I was doing fairly well since it was just mostly hamburgers and hot dogs and such. I found out soon I could do better when I offered home cooked food as well. Pretty soon I was up and running and doing really well. Then we got our ABC license and installed some pool tables. Now we really had it going on. My lady who has been just so great at this I give her all my glory. Had it not been for her I would have known nothing. She was my teacher and mentor. It was all my over head.

I went back in my business after paying my employees. Pretty soon my restaurant was becoming a success. Not to mention a night crowd who just wanted the beer and dancing and playing pool. I thought I had found my happy place and this was what I was going to do with my life. The gentlemen who opened this place for me had come into some money and we put it to work for us. We were really doing well, but on Dec 26th that year, he suddenly passed away and I lost all interest. His death devastated me and I didn’t want to be there anymore. But I never lost my insight on how doing this .The lady who trained me to open that place made me her morning manager at her restaurant. I ordered all food, broke it down for inventory and, since this before computers, we did all our paperwork by hand. She was very happy with the way I caught on and I was happy that she trusted me with all this. Pretty soon she too was gone and my life of running a restaurant was over. My mood was sullen and I couldn’t get back into it after that losing two great people in my life. That ended it for me. But My knowledge remains, and If I had it to do all over again I would.