About Me

jane_greenHello. My name is Dawn Robertson. Years ago, I started my own restaurant business. It was a very successful endeavor for me at the time. Through unforeseen circumstances, I had to sell the restaurant. It was such a wonderful time of life for me. I loved the restaurant business and the joy I got from running my own place.

Now, my son Patrick is showing interest in starting his own restaurant. He is only fifteen right now, but it has been his dream for a couple of years. I started this site for him, to tell my story and give him advice for when he someday opens the doors to his own restaurant.

There is so much to consider when opening any business. I will be covering some of the issues I faced and some of the things that are specific to the restaurant business. My hope is that Patrick can learn from my experiences.

By putting my ideas in black and white now, I am hoping that Patrick will have a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips when he gets to the point of planning his own restaurant. As a mother, I couldn’t be more proud of him. I hope this site will also encourage you in your business endeavors. Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas of things I should write about.