The Importance of Location

Location is very important when starting a restaurant. Location can make you or break you . You must have a place where people can drive by and ask “I wonder if that place is any good?” If you don’t have a good cook, though, location will not benefit you very much. No one wants to eat at a restaurant that isn’t any good.

businesslocationI can’t tell you the times a new restaurant has come to town and has been horrible. To me, a lot of it is not the cook but the staff, or waiting 35 minutes for someone to take your order. Things like this makes me crazy. When interviewing your staff for a job, make sure they have some sort of experience in the food industry. This can help if they know something about what they will be doing.

Running a restaurant requires doing payroll, taxes and banking – account management. Hiring people with experience helps more than you know. I have applied at restaurants that i could run on my own if need be. But a lot of these places want young people they can train, not people who know what they are doing. They would rather have someone they can mold into doing things their way.

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