How to keep your customers happy and loyal to your business

The secret to any business that is built from scratch and for it to be a success is to build loyalty with your customers. Some strategies to help with this are:

Loyalty Programme

Introduce a loyalty programme as it is one of the most powerful strategies to keep your customers loyal to your business. Customers want to appreciated and recognised for their loyalty so introducing this programme will tell your customers that their loyalty is appreciated. The secret of making your business a success is to give customers what they want.  Customers want good quality merchandise, lowest prices, convenient hours, friendly service and guaranteed satisfaction with what they buy.

Guaranteed 100% money back

Offer your customers a 100% money back guarantee. This can be quite difficult for a business and they may dread it, but is a strategy to gain the loyalty of their customers that does work. Offering this service is not about the offer or either the guarantee, it’s about integrity. You are selling the customers your integrity and reputation, and when you put this on the line, they will notice and you will get their loyalty in return.  Your reputation for honesty is the most important part in your business relationships. If you can do this your business will be a success.

Reasonable discounts

Try and offer your customers a reasonable discount; this can be a good strategy to approach in business. Offering discounts is not all about the strategy as the main thing is your customer will understand the sacrifice you are undertaking for them.

Keep in touch with your customers

Staying in touch and connected with customer is another powerful customer retention strategy. This is one of the cheapest and effective ways of keeping in touch with your customers to keep them updated with the latest updates and offers. This can be done cheaply through a business blog, text messaging system or through social media such as face book etc.

Give free samples

An effective strategy to create a lasting impression on your customers is to give free samples to them. Businesses have been built on this customer retention strategy.

Free service delivery

Offer your customers a free delivery service or in some cases free shipping. Doing this can go a long way to strengthen your business. No matter what sort of business that you operate in, there is always the opportunity to offer a free delivery service or free shipping to your customers.

Deal with customer’s complaints immediately

This is probably one of the most important customer retention strategies. There is nothing worse than negative word of mouth spread by angry customers to ruin the reputation of your company. Customers hate when a business ignores them so try your best to deal with customer complaints as quickly as possible. Keep your staff trained on customer service skills as it will help your business for the future.

Hope these customer retention strategies help strengthens your business and keeps your customers loyal and happy.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Will Always Be A Requirement

It is a given that, when you decide to buy a carpet to install in your home, that it will need some serious maintenance to keep it in top notch condition. Many people are fanatical about keeping their carpets clean, but at the same time, not many are aware how essential a cog professional carpet cleaning is in the whole mechanism. Here are some of the main reasons why professional carpet cleaning, carried out by trained experts, will always be an essential requirement:

Extending Carpet Life:

Do you know that having your carpets cleaned professionally, you are actually extending how long they will last? It is generally not enough to simply vacuum and spot clean carpets, as dirt and grime has a pesky habit of sinking deep down into the piles of your carpet, where unseen damage can (and will) occur over time. So, how often should carpets be professionally attended to you might be thinking? Well, the Livermore carpet cleaning experts over at 580 Carpet Cleaning recommend once every 12 months.

Stubborn Stains:

We have all had that moment, either in our own home, or in a friends house, where something gets accidentally spilled, and time seems to stand still, as whatever you have spilled gracefully pirouettes through the air. And Murphy’s Law usually kicks in around about this time too, ensuring that it’s always the hardest to clean liquid that gets spilled. If you have ever had to clean a red wine stain from a carpet, you’ll know exactly what this means! Truth be told, these kinds of stains should always be looked after by a professional cleaning company. By all means, blot up as much of that liquid as possible, but to really get that stain to shift, you will need the experts on hand.

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