Keeping Your Perspective

positive-attitudeRunning a restaurant can be tough business. First you have to come up with a concept. You have to write a menu, hire staff, and keep up with the competition. You will wear many hats in this field. You have to do all this and more while providing good food.

When writing a menu, get creative. This is the center of your business. If you serve a pasta dish, tell what type of pasta you have like angel hair or linguine. Use attractive words like fire roasted or braised. Send a level of lingo that sells. Its gives the diners a perceptive and prestige to your dish. Make the dish special like farm fresh eggs or fresh baked bread. Point out some ingredients that stand out to your diners.

When running a business, you have to have the right attitude. No one has a good day 365 days a year, so tolerance will be your biggest issue. Have some business sense. You will need lots of positive energy. Have some passion and be there for your staff and diners. Running a restaurant is not easy. Get to know your people that come in and play up to their likes. Keep up with the competition and make sure you can outdo them with that menu. It’s the universe against your restaurant.

Build a website for your business. Social media is now the thing people use the most to advertise. Throw your customers a discount every now and then. Post some pictures of some of your main dishes. Let people know you have a happy hour. Most of all thank your customers for compliments on your business. Like I said, you can’t make everyone happy all the time so respond to criticism by saying you sorry they didn’t enjoy it. Make it up to them. Most people will come around if you offer them a free meal.